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Deep Relaxation for Body and Soul

Floating is a water therapy focusing on a deep and relaxing water experience. Every individual receiving a float session experiences moments to connect and integrate into one’s self.

The concept originates from Iceland and carries its methods in Flot Hetta®. For centuries, Icelanders have enjoyed water’s healing properties, such as the relief of stress and the improvement of general well-being.

Nordic Spa & Wellness is designed to provide each individual with an independent experience. Each session is unique and holds the space for the receiver to connect and integrate into one’s self.

Floating adds a new dimension to the water experience – relaxation and total bliss.

I really recommend Floating.

This was a pleasant, relaxing, and almost divine experience for me. I’m usually not so fond of water, it makes me uneasy since a bad experience as a teenager, but I decided to try it.

Linette, the instructor, created a relaxed and calm atmosphere from the beginning to the end, where I felt 100 % safe. It allowed me to sink into a deep state of relaxation, to feel everything and nothing simultaneously.

After a while, I felt utterly weightless; I didn’t even feel the water anymore. I was a spaceship floating freely among the stars in complete silence. I know it sounds slightly crazy, but that’s how I experienced it — a combination of happiness and total relaxation.

Thank you so much for this experience.


Give your body a loving break

We look forward to giving your body a break where you can refuel new energy.

There are 3 elements within the float session.

It is possible to receive all elements at once within a full session, or it can be booked individually to experience one element at a time.


A sequence of movements – to relax, “open, and expand” the participant’s body alignment.


Aquatic Bodywork – a combination of “guiding hands” and “hands-on work” to create relief and release in the participant body toward deeper relaxation and meditation.


Independent floating – a moment to connect and integrate into one’s self.

Design your floating session

Combining the elements into one session and customizing the order for individuals and couples is possible. A session varies from 45-55 minutes, depending on the combination.

All prices are in SEK – Swedish currency, incl. VAT.


Price per person

Release, Bodywork & Savasana

Kr. 925,- 

Release & Bodywork

Kr. 925,- 

Release & Savasana

Kr. 925,- 

Bodywork & Savasana

Kr. 925,- 


Kr. 925,- 


Kr. 925,- 

All prices are in SEK – Swedish currency, incl. VAT.

I felt less stressed, more calm, and my vertebra fell into place

“This was a new experience, something new in the water and it’s relaxing”, I was told. This is something I would like to try!

I have tried several relaxing methods like massage, yoga, and sauna and immediately wanted to give this a chance. I was introduced to Floating and lying in the water with my body floating on the surface. During the 75 minutes in the warm water, I experienced a high level of relaxation. I noticed the sound of pouring water below and above the surface, just as a hippo sees a two-dimensional world
in the water. Breathing through the nose and the mouth and sometimes only through the nose.

The feeling of resting in the water almost made me fall asleep.

The light in the pool also affected me in a relaxing way. It was nearly a little dark, and it made me feel more relaxed and a little sleepy. After the treatment, I felt a deep relaxation in my head for many hours afterward. I can’t remember feeling this relaxed compared to other relaxation methods.

I highly recommend you try this if you are open to trying something new! It made me feel less stressed, more calm, and more aware in a way I hadn’t experienced before. You are in the best hands when you book a visit with Nordic Spa & Wellness. Both professionally and how they treat you.

A positive effect of the treatment with Floating was that I felt that the vertebra at the end of my lower back fell into place. I have been having problems with stiffness at the end of my lower back, and suddenly the vertebra fell into place. It was something I didn’t expect!

Dag, April 2023 

How it works

Introduction to your floating session, step by step. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No former experience is required to join a Float Therapy class.

A skilled aquatic bodyworker will move you into floating safely and flexibly and offer extra float support if and when needed.

Yes, The flothetta cap is designed to give float support, not keep hair dry.

A low ponytail will not steal float support from your head. Putting the hair up in a bun steals support from the head and neck and can pressure the head when wearing the cap.

Yes, all our professional Float Therapy classes provide participants with float gear.

Plan 1 hour for the whole experience. Forty-five minutes will be for moving you into floating and guiding you out of floating. The rest of the time will be used for intro explanation and time to get in or out of the water before and after.

The touch during the therapeutic activity is professional skilled bodywork touch. It can be therapeutic touches such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, Massage, Healing Touch, Craniosacral therapy touch, and Stretches.

We recommend a one-on-one session (1:1) or joining a small class of two (1:2) for those who fear water when trying the floating experience.

Yes. Within a professional Float Therapy Class, we offer a variety of support-line floats.

We recommend shorter sessions during pregnancy and not in the first trimester (12-14 weeks). If not, please ensure you have a Doctor’s permit following indications or contraindications.

Young children need a specially designed float class with a shorter duration and different approach.

Older children and teenagers can participate in Float Therapy on the responsibility of their guardians, and if they are to be trusted to remain still and considerate of the class as a whole (it is good to agree beforehand that if it’s too much, they can leave the class mindfully). Yes, teenagers can come as well.

There are three sections within the introductory Float Therapy class. 

A. Sequence of movements – relaxation, opening, and expanding the participant’s body

B. Aquatic Bodywork – a combination of guiding hands and hands-on work to create relief and release in the participant’s body toward more profound relaxation.

C. Independent floating – a moment to connect, meditate and integrate into oneself.

The number of participants in a floating class depends on two main factors:

1. The size of the pool.

2. The number of team members and their authorization level and skill, keeping the ratio between aquatic body workers vs. participants 1:1 or 1:2, or 1:3.

Yes, there is a limit to the number of participants in an introductory float class. When the number of participants grows above three pr, aquatic bodyworker, the therapeutic activity will turn into “Samflot” (floating together).

I felt extremely calm

First, it was a cozy feeling of being weightless in the warm water. After a while, all muscles were relaxed.

My head started moving; at first, it was nodding; after a while, my head turned from side to side, and I could feel myself smiling. I felt like being in a womb hearing my heartbeat.

The feeling from the water disappeared, and a total weightless state of being one with everything revealed itself. I felt like I was nothing and everything simultaneously; life and death vanished, and a feeling of being occurred.

Initially, I controlled my breathing, 4 in and eight out. After a while, my breathing was continuous in and out at the same pace without my interference.

Before getting the eye mask, I saw different colors behind my closed eyes; purple was the primary color. When wearing the mask, it was first black and turned blue. In the end, I felt an intense light coming into the mask from the sides, and in the end, the whole mask was filled with light.

I was brought back to the pool edge and turned, standing. My arms started moving, like getting rid of something, and after that, I embraced the water as if bringing something back in. I felt extremely calm after that.